Two great options are normally available for private bookings:

1. The Classic: THE DEID DUG TOUR.

Everyone remembers the Deid Dug scene from the book and the film. Stand in the line of fire! The on-location passages from the book come thick and fast in this Leith Town Centre tour, including Leith Central Station for the T-word, and usually ending on the bench where Spud sits at the top of Shore. We discuss the film as we go.

                                                                     getting ready to read the Deid Dugs screenplay right on location in Leith Links >>>>

Tours can be customised as required; for example focussing on addiction, or HIV/AIDS, or the distinctive social/community issues in Leith that gave rise to the Trainspotting generation. I normally have access to an excellent indoor facility for a round-table presentation and discussion.

See the Guestbook for comments from people who have done the tour. The Student Newspaper liked it!

Basic charge: £7.50 per person. Minimum charge: £15 per tour.

  • Group rates for parties of 4 or more.
  • Start-point: normally in the courtyard of the Dockers’ Club, 17-17a Academy Street, EH6 7EE. This is the setting of Renton’s uncomfortable evening after doing cold turkey. On request we can meet at one of the spiritual homes of Trainspotting, Port o’ Leith pub, 58 Constitution St, Edinburgh EH6 6RS
  • Tours take around two hours.

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